“No man is an island”, is true of every generic human activity and transcends to business relationships and dealings. For purposes of relevance to our discussion, one may wonder why relieving yourself of the responsibilities of clearing your own goods at the port is such a good idea. Well for thing, it buys you time. Time is predominantly one thing that we clamour to gain more of in the stipulated 24 hours that we’ve been allotted in a day. Preferably, outsourcing logistics services puts the day-to-day execution in the hands of trusted logistics experts that frees up a shipper’s resources and capital to focus on their competitive advantage and growth.  According to a recent Armstrong & Associates report, ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies use third-party logistics providers (3PL) for outsourced logistics and supply chain services. This reveals a strong endorsement to the value in outsourcing to a logistics service provider (LSP).

Focus is the key to success.  By outsourcing those service functions that are not core to the customer value proposition, shippers can stay laser-focused on the customer by putting all personnel, technology and capital resources on innovations that will provide a competitive advantage to grow the business.

Most of multinational companies depend on freight forwarders to handle their supply chain solutions with a professional freight forwarder. Here, the buyer and seller do not have any hassles on the service part of their profession. Here, a good freight forwarder really bridges the gap between buyer and seller in the area of all supply chain problems. Since the freight forwarder act as an all-in-one solution, the buyer or seller, let them be a domestic or international, total solutions on services between buyer and seller are provided.

Finding a freight forwarding and logistics company which fits perfectly to your company’s demands can be quite an arduous journey. A freight forwarder need not be an asset based individual or firm like a ship owner or air craft owner. Freight forwarder bridges gap between buyer and seller.

Premised on this, we cannot rule out the dominant fact that freight and logistics is more than a rate and a truck.  Success in logistics requires in-depth understanding of the freight market, carrier capabilities, technologies, innovations on the horizon, etc. to maximize performance on service and cost. At FIRST STEP LOGISTICS, we deliver to you tried and proven deliverables on our promises through our seasoned experts ready to journey with you and see to the safe arrival of your goods at you doorstep!

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