We add value to our logistics management operations to please our clients. Not limited to the following, now and then, we pre-finance the cost of custom clearance services. In furtherance, we support with Insurance Services, Port Handling Services, Packaging & Moving, Inbound Traffic (Door to Door Delivery), Infrastructure (Warehousing, Barcoding Scanning, RFID Tracking, Third Party Warehouse Management, Full Integrated Transport System. We have a special relationship with both domestic and foreign agencies. FSL adheres to Environmental and Statutory Regulations. We have also established a special relationship with efficient vendors and manufactures across the globe. Their products ranges from Fruits and Vegetables, Frozen Foods, General Merchandise, Pharmaceuticals and Hospital suppliers, Industrial Chemicals, Car Tires, Refined Oil for various engines and hydraulics, Fiber optic cables, Consumables, Valves and Pipes, Water Treatment Equipment, Clinker, Ceramics (Tiles) and many more. We always strive to build the most reliable and efficient supply chains for


 Best Lead Time
 Best Customer Satisfaction
 Innovation and Technology
 Logistics Integration & Network Design. “The Architect of Transportation”
 Efficient Inventory Management
 Reverse & Green Logistics
 Special relationship with both domestic and International agencies.