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Being competitive in a corporate organisation or business partly thrives on the pricing of goods and services. Largely, the combined effects of intense industry competition and rising transportation costs underscore the importance of profitable freight and logistics pricing strategies. However, it is safe to say that most businesses have variations of a dynamic pricing structure […]
Globally, activities along every facet of life and sectors slowed to a painful stroll when the menacing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic caught us off-guard. The impact of the virus left many organisation grappling for survival and the freighting and logistics industry were not left out of the murky scenes. Logistics firms, which are involved […]
The fast-paced nature of the world has made business even more competitive. The need to exemplify yourself and stick out successfully in a buoyant economy among your competitors, is a hallmark of dominance in the market. Logistics is no exception. Import and Export of goods are primarily at the heart of any freighting business. Having […]
In the last decade or more, we have ultimately witnessed the growing impact of globalization on how companies conduct their businesses. For all intents and purposes the same holds true in the freighting and logistics business. Crucially, many freight forwarders rely on partnerships they’ve developed with other companies in a bid to provide Customs Brokerage. […]
“No man is an island”, is true of every generic human activity and transcends to business relationships and dealings. For purposes of relevance to our discussion, one may wonder why relieving yourself of the responsibilities of clearing your own goods at the port is such a good idea. Well for thing, it buys you time. […]
Essentially, goods are rarely expended where they are produced, rendering transport services crucial at all stages of the supply chain. Improving freight transport can be a real point of competitive variation because international trade is a commonplace and increasing market share in emerging markets is highly desirable. Transport, whether by air, sea or land is […]